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SHOVING is not cool.


Stay All Set.

SHOVING is not cool.

Sondra Lender

We are taught as early as pre-school that shoving is rude. Yet somehow we continue to do it through adulthood. We shove socks in the sock drawer, toys in the toy chest, shopping bags wherever we can fit them, and odds and ends all over.

Why do we do it knowing that it will lead to no good? Because it seems like an easy shortcut. But sorry to say, my cramming cronies,it is not an efficient short cut, it is one that will annoy you later, or even worse, fall on your head when you open a door.

Try these five steps to stop yourself from this bad habit.

1. THINK FIRST: Ask yourself if the shoved item is something you really need.

2. HOUSE IT: If yes, then find a real home for the it.

3. PURGE: If it doesn’t fit where it belongs (like the sock drawer), then throw out something that no longer belongs there (like holey socks).

4. HOLDING AREA: If you don’t have time to find a real home for it now, then set it aside in a to-do-later area (as in “later” being a specific time, not “later” being never). Just knowing that it’s okay to set aside in an assigned place may help you to not shove it now.

5. POLICING: Finally, catch yourself when you shove something and go back to step 1.