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Stay All Set.

Untangle your desk.

Sondra Lender

Tangled cords are an inevitable part of our technology-driven lives. One desk can house umpteen different gadgets with snakey cords slithering their way across the room.

So what? So…

1.     It can be unsafe, if you are constantly tripping over electrical cords.

2.     Finding the correct plug can be a challenge in these piles.

3.     A scattered workspace can lead to a scattered mind. If you are in your office to be productive or inspired, it can be difficult to be either with a mess around you.

Check out this jumble of cords in a home office. Attached are a lamp, a landline phone, 2 laptop computers, and a miscellaneous USB cord to be connected for scanning when needed.

 This entanglement can be cleaned up in a flash. With a Bluelounge CableBox, all of your cords are neatly tucked away. Just lift the top of the box for easy access to to plug or unplug. To hide the cords going from the floor to the desk, we simply taped them with clear packing tape, making them invisible from almost any angle of the desk.

 Now that is inspiring!