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Stay All Set.

Rolling in the deep (dresser drawer).

Sondra Lender

I keep my workout clothes in a deep dresser drawer. This seems like the perfect place, because it holds a lot and I can just toss clothes in when they're clean. The problem is that the drawer quickly becomes a black hole. Clothing is crumpled up, shirts are mixed with pants, it’s a mess. Most of my clothes are black (good for a sweaty exerciser), so I can’t find anything and end up wearing the same few items all of the time.

Look at this lycra stew:

Creating order of this drawer is simple. Following the few steps below, the drawer looks like this:

1. Put separators in the drawer.

These drawer dividers are not too costly and are worth the $16.99 for two. You can also can make your own using a basic piece of wood. Or repurpose a shoe box or the right-sized box for your drawer.

2. Roll clothes and store them vertically…

Now you can see your options clearly when you open the drawer.

3. Maintain it!

This is the hardest part. If you see the drawer backsliding, take a few minutes to fix it and just keep trying.