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These people are All Set.

It’s amazing how three hours can cut through six years of accumulated clutter. And it’s amazing how good it feels to be back in control of my space. Sondra has vision, skill, taste, and tact. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Ben, Attorney
Due to Sondra’s advice and support, I have a new home office. Thanks to her suggested simple changes, new ideas and learned efficiencies, I had an incredible before and after in just two hours. Sondra’s sense of process and order resulted in quick and easy solutions that shifted the way I best utilize my space. Working with Sondra was fun and inspirational - a motivating and positive experience all around. I highly recommend engaging her services for any area of your home or office.
— Melissa Oullette
Sondra is a life changer! I had no idea that I could maintain such an organized space. I am so much more productive now. Projects that took an hour now take a fraction of that. Sondra has a wonderful demeanor; she is patient yet firm, flexible and understanding. She walks in and quickly has a vision of what your space can be, she notices and improves what I had trained myself to ignore, like a big unruly mess of wires which she straightened out. What a difference! Organizing was actually a fun experience with Sondra.
— Susan Naci, Conde Nast
Sondra has many creative ideas for utilizing space and selecting the best organizing system to meet a client’s individual needs. She is fun to work with and incredibly patient— even sympathetic to the plight of the packrat. Sondra’s pleasant demeanor should not fool you: she will not let you get away with keeping something you cannot truly justify (I tried and failed). Her approach contains a terrific mix of curiosity, problem-solving, and humor. I would enthusiastically recommend Sondra to anyone who is serious about addressing their organizing challenges and finding lasting solutions.
— Jessica Safran, Consultant
Sondra immediately put me at ease about my desire to improve my organizing skills and create a more efficient system in my new apartment. She enjoys the process of organizing and was non-judgmental and supportive about the condition of my stuff and my lack of preparation. Having just moved, I felt daunted by the amount of unpacking I had to do, but Sondra gave me the confidence to start. She helped me unpack my entire kitchen in under two hours and I was surprised at how easy and pleasant it was to do in her company. Sondra gave useful advice about the most effective ways to use the available space and the most convenient places to keep items according to their purpose. She also helped me to painlessly decide what to keep and what to throw out or donate. I would highly recommend Sondra’s services to anyone who wants to improve the efficiency of their layout and wants to have fun while doing it.
— Yolande B., Writer
Sondra treated me with respect and was sympathetic to my needs. At my age, 82, ingrained past habits make me a difficult client, but she instilled in me feelings of optimism and hopefulness. I am looking forward to our future work together.
— Barbara, Retired Educator